Walls All Over Me.

Song: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa
Artist: Panic! at the Disco
Album: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa - Single
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Panic at the Disco-The Ballad of Monalisa

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Song: Worry About You
Artist: 2AM Club
Album: Worry About You - Single
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Worry About You - 2 a.m. Club

And every time that they told us surrender
“It will be better”
We’d just go holding on till forever
To what we know.

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Song: Creep
Artist: Radiohead
Album: Pablo Honey
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Radiohead - Creep

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Song: Hey Hey What Can I Do
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Album: Immigrant Song/Hey Hey What Can I Do
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Hey Hey What Can I Do | Led Zeppelin

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Pumped Up Kicks 

Foster The People

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