Walls All Over Me.


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16 || FC: Taissa Farmiga || Taken

Audrey Clark: Audrey is the new kid on the block. Her parents just got a divorce, and she did not want to deal with all that shit so she decided to move with her grandmother to Malibu. It was summer, and for Audrey, it was a perfect time to contemplate her life. What she wants in and what she wants out. In her hometown, which was Harlingen, Texas, Audrey was not one of the popular kids, but not one of the losers either. She was just Audrey, an ordinary teenage girl. Then her parents had a falling out, and her life took a different turn. She became depressed and suicidal, and she recoiled from her social life. She spent her time in her room, blasting 7o’s songs and writing on her vintage notebook.

Spending summer in Malibu was a welcome change. No one knows her here, so she did not have to suffer anyone’s pitying looks. And the beaches, oh the beaches. Audrey loved spending the afternoon walking in the sand, picking out shells. But still she was awkward and careful and aloof. She still refuses to talk about her life, and she does not trust any of her new neighbors. In fact, she was more careful here than anywhere.

But the truth is, deep inside Audrey, she knew that what she really was hoping for, is a friend who would accept her for all her imperfections, her past, and her tragedies. The only question now is, will she find that someone here in Malibu?

Secret: Cuts, and she hates people a lot. She is very insecure but she’s proud so she never lets it show.

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